Release of the Goodman Spectrograph Data Reduction Pipeline

Submitted by cbriceno on Mon, 2018-04-30 22:27

We announce the first release of the Goodman Data-Reduction Pipeline (DRP), a Python-based package for producing science-ready, wavelength-calibrated, one-dimensional (1-D) spectra. The pipeline is an ongoing work aimed to provide SOAR users with an easy to use, documented software package for reducing images and spectra obtained with the Goodman High-Throughput Spectrograph.

The pipeline is primarily intended to be run on a dedicated data-reduction computer (see Running on SOAR Server).
Initial processing is done by the redccd module, which trims the images, and carries out bias and flat corrections, and applies cosmic ray rejection. Spectroscopic processing is done by redspec and carries out the following steps:

  • Identify multiple point-source targets (spectra of more than one object in the slit);
  • Trace the spectra
  • Extract the spectra
  • Estimate and subtract background
  • Find the wavelength solution
  • Linearize data (resample)
  • Write wavelength solution to FITS header
  • Create a new file for the wavelength calibrated 1-D spectrum

Available Spectroscopic Modes in First Release

Grating Mode Filter Comparison Lamps
400 l/mm 400 M1 -- HgAr, HgArNe
400 M2 GG455 Ar, Ne, HgAr, HgArNe, CuHeAr, FeHeAr

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