DECAM Technical Documents

The information contained in this archive are copies of the documentation data base that resides off-site.

The principal purpose of this local archive is to provide information valuable to CTIO personel for the maintenance and testing of the DECAM instrument detector controller system - MONSOON.

All documents carry their original Doc DB number and version so that they may be traced back to the original source.

Every effort is made to maintain the local copies up to date with the latest revisions however, I am not infallible (you may have guessed that). If you find a discrepancy between the documentation and reality please contact Peter Moore (pmoore_at_noao_dot_edu) so that a correction or update can be made.

General Information

6563-v1 Front End Electronics - Overview of fault reporting conditions
5749-v2 Test station startup - To start PanView for module testing
(Note that you need a clk board in crate slot 3 and/or a 12Ch Acq board in slot 6)

Useful links

Terri Shaws' DECam information page - Excellent source of information
DECam System - Electronic Log (CTIO VPN access only)
DECam System - Telemetry viewer (CTIO VPN access only)
DECam System - Alarms Browser (CTIO VPN access only)
DECam System - SISPI web page (CTIO VPN access only)

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