SIFS SV Call for Proposals; Goodman Updates; SOAR 2020 Workshop

Submitted by jelias on Wed, 2017-03-29 13:01

There are several items here that may be of interest to users.

SIFS SV Call for Proposals

A call for proposals for science verification with the SOAR Integral Field Spectrograph has been issued. There are a total for 4 SV nights scheduled in semester 2017A. The deadline for proposals is April 17.

An example of data taken with SIFS is shown at right - images in Hα and Hβ for the central regions of the galaxy NGC 3081 reconstructed from SIFS commissioning data.

Goodman HTS Updates

The pages for the Goodman High-Throughput Spectrograph have been extensively updated. In particular, we have added information on the new "red" camera, which is available for general use (including currently scheduled proposals). Other updates have been made (see, in particular, the comparison lamp pages).

SOAR 2020 Workshop Presentations

The SOAR 2020 Workshop was held successfully on March 13-15 at dual sites in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro, Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Fisicas) and North Carolina (FedEx Conference Center at UNC). The two-site format worked quite well, and allowed extensive participation from the full SOAR community.

website with the presentations is available, including the reports of the five discussion groups that were organized for the workshop.

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