2008 KPNO REU Students

Timothy Arnold (Ohio State University)
“A Wavelet Time Series Analysis of Aperiodic Variable Stars in the Kepler Field”
Advisors: Steve Howell, Ken Mighell, and Katy Garmany

Taylor Chonis (University of Nebraska, Lincoln)
“Site Characterization of El Peñón: Site of the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope”
Advisors: Chuck Claver and Jacques Sebag

Matthew Henderson (Clemson University)
“Collinder 121: An Analysis of it’s Pre-Main Sequence Population”
Advisor: Bill Sherry

Tiffany Meshkat (University of California, Los Angeles)
“Deep Photometry of the Open Cluster IC4651”
Adviors: Chuck Claver and Ken Mighell

Ashley Stewart (University of Arkansas)
“Analyzing the Effects of Scattered Light on Stellar Photometry”
Advisor: John Glaspey

Matthew Zagursky (University of Maryland)
“Investigating Galaxy Mergers with IGNITE”
Advisor: Jennifer Lotz

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