Javier's email

Buenas Noticias,

Thank Manuel Martinez and Unisite (the ETS device programmer) the brand new flash eprom and the bad one from the spare galil could be programmed. The eprom in the original Galil (the only good one we had) served as master and Manuel made a backup of its content. The original Galil and the spare Galil are functioning now. I let run a largecircle and a parklarge with each eprom. No one error happened. It seems that our Galil units aren't able to program the flash eproms or  I'm unable to get them burnt. I got the programs into the eproms but the burn in command produced a timeout error only.

We still have two virgin eproms. I'll send them to Manuel for programming. I think, it isn't worth to investigate, why our galil doesn't program the eproms, because the Unisite can do it better. It looks like the trouble with the hydra spares will be then over for the next time.




Updated on May 10, 2021, 9:33 am