Where to get help?


For detailed information and other general inquiries, please visit our Contacts & Travel page.
Want to reach a specific member of the science staff? Visit our Scientific Staff page.


Communication with the user community (usercomms@noirlab.edu)


User support (csdc@noirlab.edu)
Antares (antares.helpdesk@noirlab.edu)
Astro Data Archive (astroarchive@noirlab.edu)
Astro Data Lab (datalab@noirlab.edu)
Proposal help and Time Allocation Committee (proposal-help@noirlab.edu)<\h5>
US National Gemini Office (usngo@noirlab.edu)


Use Gemini’s helpdesk for questions on any aspect of Gemini's observing and instrumentation.
US NGO Portal has information for the entire International Gemini Community.
International community members are encouraged to reach their National Gemini Office.
Phase I Tool (PIT) help pages.
Observing Tool (OT) help pages.
Data reduction support, including the Gemini Data Reduction Forum.
Other queries: gemini@noirlab.edu.



Director's office (ctio@noirlab.edu)
Cerro Tololo Visiting Astronomers Support (ximena.herreros@noirlab.edu)
DECam (decam-help-ctio@noirlab.edu)
COSMOS (sean.points@noirlab.edu)
SOAR Goodman spectrograph (goodman-scistaff-ctio@noirlab.edu)
SOAR IFU Spectrograph (SIFS) (sifs-help-soar@noirlab.edu)
SOAR TSpec IR spectrograph (tspec-help-soar@noirlab.edu)
SOAR Imager (SOI) (soi-help-soar@noirlab.edu)
SOAR Adaptive Optics Module (SAM) (sam-help-soar@noirlab.edu)
SOAR SPARTAN IR imager (spartan-help-soar@noirlab.edu)



Kitt Peak user support (kpno@noirlab.edu)
WIYN user support (wiyn@noirlab.edu)
Staff contacts for telescope and instrument questions

Rubin Observatory

Rubin Community forum
User support (contact@lsst.org)




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