Single Controller 'SetFile' for MosaicII

(1-2 CCD mode)

This is a log of an actual run of SetFiles for MosaicII for the special case where the user only wants to use 1 or 2 CCDs of the array. This is CURRENTLY (Dec 99) configured to use Box #1, disabling CCD#1 and enabling only CCD#2 for use. CCD #1 is disabled to prevent crosstalk problems from showing up in CCD#2.

NOTE: the items in bold below are typed by the support person setting up the instrument. The (return) means simply hit the return key.

ctioa1% SetFiles -a

File setup for those who like to answer LOTS of questions

+++ Getting current settings from /etc/Environment...
+++ Getting current settings from /etc/Init_CPU_Info.nex...

(?) Software version (/m2xp/arcon) : (return)

(?) Do you have a Mosaic (no) : yes

(?) Is this the Mosaic II (no) : yes

(?) Is controller #1 present (yes) : yes
(?) Is controller #2 present (yes) : no
(?) Is controller #3 present (yes) : no
(?) Is controller #4 present (yes) : no

(?) Is the CCD electronics available (yes) : (return)

(?) Select the bootable name. There are(is) 1 possible choice(s)
for this name, based on the information given before:

0 Select bootable that's not in the menu
1 ComSeq1234II.Ooo

selection (ComSeq1II.Ooo -> 1) : (return)


(?) Select the controller name. There are 21 possible
choices for this name:

0 Select controller not in the menu
1 Arcon2001 
2 Arcon3001 
3 Arcon3002 
4 Arcon3003 
5 Arcon3005 
6 Arcon3006 
7 Arcon3007 
8 Arcon3008 
9 Arcon3009 
10 Arcon3010 
11 Arcon3011 
12 Arcon3012 
13 Arcon3013 
14 Arcon3014 
15 Arcon3015 
16 Arcon3016 
17 Arcon3017 
18 Arcon3018 
19 Arcon3019 
20 Arcon3020 
21 Arcon3021

Enter controller #1, selection (Arcon3018 -> 18) : (return)

(?) Interface card:

0 None
1 Parsytec
2 Alta

selection (2) : (return)

(?) Link number used to download (0) : (return)

(?) Muxnex command line options (-m) : (return)

(?) Observatory name (CTIO) : (return)

(?) Telescope name:

0 Select telescope not in the menu
1 none
2 ct4m
3 ct60
4 ct1m
5 ct36
6 ctschmidt
7 kp4m
8 kp36

selection (ct4m -> 2) : (return)

(?) Focal station:

0 Select focal station not in the menu
1 none
2 cf
3 nf
4 pf
5 cf14
6 cf75
7 cf135

selection (pf -> 4) : (return)

(?) Instrument name:

0 Select instrument not in the menu
1 none
2 argus
3 bme
4 cfccd
5 cs4m
6 cs60
7 csccd
8 cspol
9 echccd
10 fpccd
11 nfccd
12 pfccd
13 mosaic

selection (mosaic -> 13) : (return)


++++++++++++++++++++ New Settings ++++++++++++++++++++

Software root directory /m2xp/arcon
Interface card 2 (Alta)
RTD memory 256 (8 Mbytes)
Link used to download 0
Muxnex command line options -m
Bootable name ComSeq1II.Ooo
Hardware configuration optical
Observatory name CTIO
Telescope name ct4m
Number of controllers 1
Controller name for Nexus#1 Arcon3018 (SITe4096)
Instrument mosaic
Focal station pf

NOTE: If you didn't get the questions to change the settings you
wanted to, then try 'SetFiles -help' to find the command line
option that best matches your needs.

(?) Do you want to install the changes (yes) : (return)

Installing files...

The old copy of /etc/Environment was saved as /etc/Environment.BAK
The old copy of /etc/Init_CPU_Info.nex was saved as 

The support person should then start up Arcon ('(Re)start Arcon' in OpenWindows menu) and check to that the system boots. It is probably best to answer "no" to the "synchronize parameters?" query during this startup. This allows for changes to be made in the parameters (such as detpars) before sending parameters out to the instrument and detectors. At this point one should run newpset all to reset parameters for the new setup. Then, if the user wants a 2048x2048 CCD (for example), one would run setdet and set

  • ystart = 2049
  • ysize = 2048

It is usually recommended to do an 'End Arcon Session' after completing the setup, and then a '(Re)start Arcon', answering 'yes' to the "synchronize parameters?" query this time. This is not absolutely necessary, but it does confirm that the system will restart for the user when he/she does a '(Re)start Arcon' later.

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