Instrument Overview


While there is a recent NOAO newsletter article which further describes the instrument's installation, characteristics, and performance, a summary of the instrument's capabilities is presented below:

  • ARCoIRIS is installed at the Blanco telescope f/8 Cassegrain focus on an instrument rotator
  • The instrument is a single, fixed collimator-disperser-camera unit with no moving parts
  • The science detector is a 2048×2048 Hawaii-2RG HgCdTe array with the following properties:
    • 18 micron square pixels with a sampling of 0.417"/pixel
    • gain of 1.1e-/ADU
    • linear to 5% up to 90000e-
    • readnoise for Double Correlated sampling is ~14e-/pixel
    • readnoise fir Fowler16 sampling is ~4.5e-/pixel
    • minimum exposure time of 1.2 seconds
    • readout time for Fowler1 sampling is ~2 seconds
  • Fixed-format slit assembly is 1.1" wide and 28" long with offset 1.1" square-pitch outriggers
  • Spectral reolution of R~3500 across the six science orders
  • Imaging detector serves as a J-band slit viewer and guider with the following properties
    • 4' 4' field-of-view
    • ~0.264"/pixel plate scale
    • 0.75 second minimum exposure time
    • ~1 second readout time

Updated on May 15, 2023, 7:05 am