Historic Information for Mosaic

Historic information Pertaining to Mosaic II CCD Imager

  • The 8 SITe 2Kx4K CCDs for Mosaic II were tested in the Tucson CCD Lab in the 1970s. After assembly of the focal plane, the CCDs were taken to CTIO and installed in the dewar. We have modified the prime focus area, strengthening the pedestal and enlargening the cage doors. Mosaic II was installed on the Blanco 4-m for engineering tests on July 12-14 1999, and has been scheduled for general visitor use for subsequent semesters.
  • Commissioning pictures taken in 8-channel mode (but note that the Mosaic is normally read out by 16 amplifiers, i.e. 2 per CCD).
  • Available tape drives.


Last updated: 05 March 2010

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