2014 REU Summer Lecture Series

  • Dr. Dave Silva (NOAO Director)
    “An Introduction to the National Optical Astronomy Observatory”

  • Dr. Abhijit Saha (NOAO)
    “Pulsating Variable Stars”

  • Dr. Frank Hill (NSO)
    “An Introduction to Helioseismology.”

  • Dr. Valentin Martinez Pillet (NSO Director)
    “From Balloons to the Volcano: A Journey into High Spatial Resolution Solar Physics”

  • Dr. Jeyhan Kartaltepe (NOAO)
    “How Cosmic Collisions Shape the Universe”

  • Dr. Chuck Claver (LSST)
    “The ubiquitous Charge Coupled Device: its past, present and future”

  • Dr. Frank Hill (NSO)
    “Space Weather”

  • Dr. Letizia Stanghellini (NOAO)
    “The Population of Planetary Nebulae”

  • Prof. Buell Jannuzi (Director of Steward Observatory)
    “University of Arizona, Steward Observatory, and the Astrophysics Graduate School Application Process”

  • Dr. Lori Allen (NOAO; Associate Director of KPNO)
    “Measuring the Size Distribution of Near-Earth Asteroids.”

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