2015 CTIO Summer Student Interns

The 2015 REU/PIA Student Program

Student & Institution Mentors Project TItle
Scott Carlsten (REU)
Rice University
Alfredo Zenteno and George Hau Ionized Gas Kinematics and Stellar Populations of Shell Galaxies
Samuel Castle (REU)
Davidson College
Bryan Miller Automated Image Processing to Detect the Shells of Elliptical Galaxies
Alexander Gagliano (REU)
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Juan Madrid Analysis of Globular Cluster Systems in the Coma Cluster Using HST/ACS Data
Brittany Howard (REU) University of Michigan-Dearborn Kathy Vivas Photometric Calibration of DECam Images in the Sextans Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy
Md. Tanveer Karim (REU)
University of Rochester
César Briceño Characterizing the Variability of the 4-10 Myr Old T-Tauri Stars in the Orion OB1 Association
Cherish Prickett (REU) Georgia Perimeter College Catherine Kaleida, Patrick Seitzer, and Amelia Ramírez Photometry of Orbital Space Debris at the Geosynchronous Earth Orbit
Tomas Cassanelli (PIA)
Universidad de La Frontera
Timothy Abbott Photometry of Three Cataclysmic Variables
Pamela Soto (PIA) Universidad de Concepción David Sanmartim Describing the Gas Kinematics and Excitation of the Inner Kiloparsec of the Post-Starburst Quasar SDSS J170328.95+614109.9

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