U.S. REU Participants and Projects

Student & Institution Mentors Project Title
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Jomel Atienza-Rosel
California State University, Los Angeles
Bob Schommer
Nick Suntzeff
Integrated Photometry of Globular Clusters in the LMC and M33
Amanda Jefferson
University of Maryland, College Park
Chris Smith Identifying SNRs in the Magellanic Cloud Emission-line Survey
Aaron Steffen
University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire
Nick Suntzeff
Mark Phillips
The Multicolor Light Curve of SN 1997ej
Patrick Welti
Mankato State University
Roger Smith
Tom Ingerson
Developing an All-Sky Monitor Camera System

Chilean Participants and Projects

Student & Institution Mentors Project Title
Juan Cortes
University of Chile, Santiago
Ron Probst
Monica Rubio
Near-IR Study of Magellanic Cloud Star-forming Regions
The Centauri Group, composed of
Javier Barahona, Danilo Castillo, Alejandra Peralta, & Sergio Pizarro
University of La Serena, Chile
Rene Mendez Photometry of Nearby Open Clusters

Two Chilean engineering students doing internships at CTIO also participated in the summer student program. Daniel Quevedo (University of Santa Lucía) worked on a quantum efficiency calibration unit, and Juan Pablo Gomez (University of Santa Lucía) worked on an image-tube protection circuit for the All-Sky camera.

Other Highlights

  • Tour of Cerro Calan (the Chilean National Observatory) and Santiago
  • Tour of Cerro Tololo and the CTIO Blanco 4.0m Telescope
  • Tour of Cerro Pachon and the Gemini South building site
  • Observing at CTIO: The Curtis Schmidt and the CTIO Blanco 4.0m
  • Asado (cookout) at the CTIO Director's house
  • Asado (cookout) at the Vicuna observatory at Mamachuca

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