2009 KPNO REU Students

Tahlia De Maio (University of Colorado-Boulder)
“Low Mass Pre-Main Sequence Stars in the Cluster Around 25 Ori”
Dr. Bill Sherry

David Flateau (University of Cinncinati)
“Elemental Abundance in Planet-Bearing Solar-Type Stars”
Dr. Simon Shuler

Erica Jones (Louisiana State University)
“Near IR Light Profiles of Massive Elliptical Galaxies at z~1”
Dr. Jennifer Lotz

Evan Kaplan (Vassar College)
“The Search for Planetary Nebulae in M31 Globular Clusters”
Dr. George Jacoby

Stephen Messenger (University of Missouri)
“A Template-Independent Technique for Obtaining Photometric Redshift Estimates For Sub-Millimeter Galaxies”
Dr. Alexandra Pope

Edward Montiel (University of Arizona)
“Flickering Giants in the Ursa Minor Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy”
Dr. Kenneth Mighell

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