Thursday, November 29

7:30 Set up
8:00 Continental Breakfast
Session Chair: J. Craig Wheeler
Informal remarks in memory of Dave De Young
8:50 David Silva Introduction & Welcome
9:00 Roger Blandford Binary Black Holes: An Introduction
9:45 David Merritt Binary Black Hole Dynamics
10:30 Break
11:00 Vikram Ravi Insights into the binary black hole population and black hole growth from gravitational wave studies with pulsar timing arrays
11:20 Claire Max Are AGNs more likely to occur in galaxy mergers?
11:40 Mike Koss Adaptive Optics Survey for Kpc Mergers and Dual AGN
12:00 Lunch
Session Chair: Buell Jannuzi
2:00 Sterl Phinney Observational Signatures of Merging Black Holes
2:45 Tom Jones AGN Outflows in Dynamic ICMs: Winds and Twists
3:30 Break
4:00 Vivian U The Inner Kiloparsec of Mrk 273 with Keck Adaptive Optics
4:20 Anne Medling Nuclear Disks Inside the Inner Kpc of Late-Stage Gas-Rich Mergers
4:40 Michael Ramolla Photometric Reverberation Mapping of AGN
5:00 John F. Hawley Launching Relativistic Jets

Friday, November 30

Session Chair: Todd Boroson
8:30 Michael Eracleous Spectroscopic Search for Binary Supermassive Black Holes
9:15 Julia Comerford Dual AGN as Tracers of Galaxy Evolution
10:00 Laura Blecha Double-Peaked Narrow-Line Signatures of Dual Supermassive Black Holes
10:20 Break
10:50 Jason Dexter The Size of the Jet Launching Region in M87
11:35 Rosalie McGurk Spatially Resolved Spectroscopy to Confirm or Disprove DualActive Galactic Nuclei
11:55 Scott Barrows Investigating the Dual Active Galactic Nucleus or Outflow Origins of High-Ionization Double-Peaked Emission lines in SDSS Quasars at z=0.8-1.6
12:15 Lunch
Session Chair: Tod Lauer
2:00 Jun-Qiang Ge Double-peaked narrow emission-line galaxies from SDSS: Sample and basic properties
2:20 Charles Steinhardt SDSS 0956+5128: A Broad-line Quasar with Extreme Velocity Offsets
2:40 Joseph M. Mazzarella The Dual AGN System Mrk 266 Revealed in Hard X-rays to Radio Frequencies and Implications for Surveys of Dual and Binary AGN
3:00 Tim Heckman Summary