sci22064 — Announcement

2022 Gemini Science Meeting: Watch the Live Stream!

July 15, 2022


It's nearly time for the long-postponed Gemini Science Meeting in Seoul! Our Observatory staff, in close collaboration with our KASI partners, have been working hard on final preparations for an inclusive, safe, productive, and exciting Gemini Science Meeting.

If you haven't registered to join us as a virtual or in-person attendee, you can still watch the talks through our social media live-streams, and follow #geminiobs22 and #gsm22 on Twitter. More information can be found on the conference website.

It is truly an exciting time for Gemini, as the Observatory is in the midst of a major revitalization of its capabilities (Flamingos2 MOS, GHOST, GNIRS IFUs, GPI-2, IGRINS-2, SCORPIO), just in time for the coming scientific revolution soon to be brought about by JWST, LIGO/VIRGO/KAGRA O4, and, in a couple years time, Rubin. Check out the conference schedule and abstract book and hope you will join us!

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