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2022 Gemini Science Meeting: Almost there! Registration & Poster Abstract Submission Close 30 June

June 24, 2022


Just a few more weeks to go before the 2022 Gemini Science Meeting, and we are looking forward to seeing those who are traveling to Seoul in person, and to providing virtual meeting support to broaden participation. We are making every effort to plan for a safe meeting, given the lessons learned from other astronomy conferences held earlier in the year. 

Registration and poster abstract submission close on 30 June 2022. Virtual registration will enable attendees to participate during question and discussion periods. We will be assigning moderators who will be dedicated to our virtual audience to help maximize their engagement in the meeting. The conference will also be live-streamed on social media, which will be free, but viewers of the live-stream who have not also registered will not be able to ask questions or interact with attendees.

It is truly an exciting time for Gemini, as the Observatory is in the midst of a major revitalization of its capabilities (Flamingos2 MOS, GHOST, GNIRS IFUs, GPI-2, IGRINS-2, SCORPIO), just in time for the coming scientific revolution soon to be brought about by the JWST, LIGO/VIRGO/KAGRA O4, and, in a couple years time, Rubin. Check out the latest conference schedule and abstract book. We hope you will join us to share and discuss recent Gemini-enabled discoveries as well as to explore ideas for the future!

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