Wild Stars in the Old West II

March 16-March 19, 2009

University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona

It has been ten years since the last North American Workshop on Cataclysmic Variables and nearly five years since the last international meeting on cataclysmic variables and their kin. Of particular interest since these last meetings are new results based on observational platforms such as GALEX, Spitzer, Chandra, XMM INTEGRAL and Swift/BAT, large surveys such as SDSS and planned Pan-STARRS and LSST, smaller but equally important surveys such as All Sky Automated Survey (ASAS), Catalina Sky Survey, ‘Pi of the Sky’, ROTSE, results from large aperture ground-based telescopes, theoretical advances, and evolutionary relationships of CVs to other binary stars.

Wild Stars in the Old West II plans to cover all topics within the area of CVs and related objects (observational and theoretical) with sessions driven by the interest of those planning to attend.

Participants will have the option to present a 20 minute talk, give a poster, or both. The meeting proceedings will be published “electronically” and all participants can contribute with very liberal page limits. The meeting plans to have plenty of time for poster viewing and collaborative gatherings as well as discussion during the oral sessions.

March is an outstanding month to enjoy the great Arizona weather and the Tucson area offers numerous outdoor and indoor sight seeing and historical activities to enjoy.

Information on meeting registration and details, abstract submission, local information (hotels, tours, attractions, etc.) is available at the meeting website: https://noirlab.edu/science/events/websites/wildstars2

This meeting is sponsored by NOAO, New Mexico State University, and the University of Arizona