On behalf of AURA and the newly-established Committee for Development of an Integrated Ground-Based/OIR System (CDIS), NOAO will host an important meeting, “Building the System from the Ground Up: The Second Community Workshop,” on Thursday, May 13 and Friday, May 14, 2004 at the Holiday Inn Select in Alexandria, Virginia.

The objective of the Second Workshop is two-fold: (1) to identify, as a community, the strategic issues involved in making the System concept a reality (as advocated in the decadal survey and endorsed by NSF), and (2) to address System topics raised in the Committee’s recent survey of over 900 U.S. astronomers, specifically including: (a) the System concept applied to smaller telescopes, (b) how to organize more successful instrumentation partnerships, (c) a system approach to software, archives, and the emerging virtual observatory, (d) enabling unique observational modes, and (e) the systemic perspective on planetary research.


  • C. Alcock (U. of Penn.)
  • T. Boroson (NOAO)
  • D. Elmegreen (Vassar College)
  • T. Greene (NASA/Ames)
  • G. Illingworth (UC Santa Cruz)
  • P. Osmer (Ohio State U.)-Chair
  • C. Stubbs (Harvard U.)

Discussion Leaders

  • Terry Oswalt
  • Darren DePoy
  • Marc Postman
  • Keivan Stassun

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Download the 2nd Community Workshop of the GB/OIR System: Committee Report [576 KB pdf].