Meeting Agenda

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Tuesday 26 February 2019

8:00 Registration & Coffee
8:10 Welcome & Logistics(LOC)
Session 1 (Chair: Alan McConnachie)
MSE Overview
8:15 Science OverviewJen Marshall
8:40 Project OverviewKei Szeto
9:05 Partnership, Andrew Hopkins
9:25 Education and Public OutreachMary Beth Laychak
9:40 MSE, CFHT and HawaiiDoug Simons
10:05 Coffee (including workshop photo)
Session 2 (Chair: Terese Hansen)
The Futurescape I: Science
10:30 Stars and the Milky Way, post-2025Nicolas Martin
10:50 The Open Cluster Chemical Abundance and Mapping (OCCAM) Survey: A homogenous study of open clusters using SDSS/APOGEE & GaiaJohn Donor
11:02 MSE and bulge/thick disk/ inner haloMichael Rich
11:14 The Southern Stellar Stream Spectroscopic Survey (S5) and BeyondTing Li
11:26 Testing alternative gravity theories with MSEGuillaume Thomas
11:38 Footprints of Sgr and the LMC on the Milky Way in the MSE eraChervin Laporte
11:50 Proper Motion Measurements in Dwarf Galaxies of the Milky WayAndrew Pace
12:02 Discussion / Flex time
12:15 Lunch
Session 3 (Chair: Clare Worley)
13:15 Extragalactic astronomy, post-2025Danilo Marchesini
13:35 Dusty Quasars and their Hosts in the Peak Epoch of Galaxy EvolutionAndreea Petric
13:47 Spectral variability of AGNDragana Ilic
13:59 Mapping the Inner Parsec of QuasarsViraja Khatu
14:11 Cosmology, post-2025Elisabeth Krause
14:31 Solving Photometric Redshift Challenges with MSEJeff Newman
The Futurescape II: Facilities and Lessons Learned
14:43 The path to 10m MOSArjun Dey
15:03 Discussion / Flex time
15:15 Coffee
Session 4 (Chair Dragana Ilic)
15:45 Lessons from SDSSDavid Schlegel
16:05 Setting the Standard in the Gaia-ESO SurveyClare Worley
16:17 The future of spectroscopic surveysJuna Kollmeier
16:37 The Payne: maximally extracting information from R=2000 spectraYuan-Sen Ting
16:49 Robotic Fiber Positioners for the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI)Michael Schubnell
17:01 MSE and the ELTsWarren Skidmore
17:21 Discussion / Flex time
17:45 End of Day 1
Evening Wine & Cheese Reception

Wednesday 27 February 2019

8:00 Arrive & Coffee
Session 5: Data and survey software (Chair: Nicolas Flagey)
8:15 The science development path for MSEJen Marshall
8:30 MSE science operations and data productsNicolas Flagey
8:50 Automated Stellar Characterization in a Probabilistic FrameworkSankalp Gilda
9:02 Wide field spectroscopy in the future data ecosystemStephanie Juneau
9:22 The data experience from Weave and 4MOSTNic Walton
9:42 Introduction of data process of LAMOSTAli Luo
9:54 Coffee
Session 6: MSE science capabilities and challenges (Chair: Jen Marshall)
10:20 Python Data Analysis and Reduction Tools for Large-Scale SpectroscopyErik Tollerud
10:32 Discussion: The MSE Science Platform, Nicolas Flagey
10:50 MSE science instrument package: design and capabilitiesAlexis Hill
11:10 MSE science requirements & performance reviewKei Szeto
11:30 MSE Preimaging/Science calibrationAlan McConnachie
11:55 Discussion: The capabilities of MSE
12:15 Lunch
Session 7a: The MSE Science Case (parallel Session, Chair: Andreea Petric)
13:30 Report from SWG1: Exoplanets and Stellar AstrophysicsDaniel Huber
13:45 Report from SWG2: Chemical NucleosynthesisTerese Hansen
14:00 Report from SWG5: GalaxiesAaron Robotham/Kim-Vy Tran
14:15 Report from SWG6: Active Galactic Nuclei and Supermassive Black HolesYue Shen
14:30 Breakout sessions: A -- SWG1/SWG2 B -- SWG5/SWG6
Session 7b: Engineering challenges (parallel session)
13:30 Discussion on system calibration challenges
15:00 Coffee
Session 8 (Chair: Andreea Petric)
15:30 Report from SWG3: The Milky Way and Resolved Stellar PopulationsCarine Babusiaux/Sarah Martell
15:45 Report from SWG7: CosmologyChristophe Yeche
16:00 Breakout sessions: C -- SWG3 D -- SWG7
16:30 Report from SWG4: Astrophysical Tests of Dark MatterManoj Kaplinghat
16:45 Report from SWG8: Transients and Time Domain AstronomyAdam Burgasser
17:00 Breakout sessions: E -- SWG4 F -- SWG8
17:30 END DAY 2

Thursday 28 February 2019

8:00 Arrive & Coffee
Session 9 (Chair: Arjun Dey)
8:30 Reports from break-out sessions; 6 x 10 minutes
9:30 Wide field spectroscopy panel discussion, Chair: Arjun Dey
  SDSSV – Peter Frinchaboy
  WEAVE – Mike Irwin
  4MOST – Nicolas Walton
  DESI – Connie Rockosi
  PFS – Danilo Marchesini
  LAMOST – Xiaowei Liu
  MSE – Alan McConnachie
10:30 Coffee
Session 10 (Chair: Mary Beth Laychak)
11:00 Preliminary Design: Activities, Priorities, OpportunitiesKei Szeto
11:20 Partnership & Community Strategic PlansJen Marshall
11:40 Final discussion and Workshop summaryStephanie Juneau