Scientific Rationale

The IAU symposium 357: White Dwarfs as Probes of Fundamental Physics and Tracers of Planetary, Stellar, and Galactic Evolution will be held in Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii from Monday October 21 to Friday October 25, 2019. We will cover a wide range of topics related to white dwarf science.

There are five main themes for this symposium:
I. White dwarfs in binaries and Type Ia supernovae progenitors
II. Precision studies of white dwarf structure
III. Stellar physics and galactic evolution
IV. Fundamental physics from observations of white dwarfs
V. Dust and gas debris around white dwarfs
Confirmed invited speakers:
  • Ashley Ruiter
  • Carlos Badenes
  • Adela Kawka
  • Paola Marigo
  • Jordi Isern
  • Susana Landau
  • Chris Manser
  • Eva Villaver
  • Alejandro Corsico