From First Light to Newborn Starswill focus on the physics of star formation in galaxies,including the Milky Way, nearby galaxies, and galaxies at high-z. This meeting will bring together leading researchers on star formation, galactic and extragalactic, observational and theoretical, to discuss current issues in the field. Our aim is to provide a framework and an environment that supports and encourages interactions between researchers on star formation on different scales and in different environments. Formal talks will be limited to the morning sessions; the afternoons will consist of discussions both in "breakout" groups and as an assembled whole. The balance between invited talks (see Invited Speakers, below), contributed talks, poster-viewing time, and group discussions (with discussion leaders to be designated) is designed to encourage participation on many levels, and to involve both senior and junior researchers.

Major scientific themes will include star formation on galactic scales, star formation within the Milky Way and at high z, star formation in extreme environments, and future capabilities for advancing our understanding of star formation. A preliminary program is provided (see Schedule), but the discussion topics will not be finalized until about two weeks prior to the meeting. When registering, participants may indicate their favored topics for discussion (see Registration).

This is one of two symposia in Tucson in March, 2010. The second one, The Eventful Universe happens from March 17-20. March 17th brings together both symposia in the context of the role played by our national observatory in furthering scientific progress both in the past and future.


  • February 22: Regular registration deadline
    Registration fees will increase after February 22
  • February 10: Hotel booking deadline (now extended to February 18!)
    Last day to get the special reserved booking rate

Invited Speakers (confirmed)

  • Rupali Chandar (University of Toledo)
  • Ranga Chary (Caltech/Spitzer Science Center)
  • You-Hua Chu (University of Illinois)
  • Romeel Dave (University of Arizona)
  • Natascha Foerster-Schreiber (MPE)
  • Rob Gutermuth (Smith College/University of Massachusetts)
  • Lee Hartmann (University of Michigan)
  • Kelsey Johnson (University of Virginia)
  • Jennifer Lotz (NOAO)
  • Desika Narayanan (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA)
  • Nick Scoville (Caltech)
  • Nathan Smith (UC Berkeley)
  • Tammy Smecker-Hane (University of California)

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