8:00 Breakfast
8:50 Session 1: DECam & its Data
  Tim Abbott – Session Chair
8:50 Bob Blum – Welcome, Goals
9:00 Alistair Walker – DECam Status & Future
9:20 Leah Fulmer – NOAO Data Lab: Overview, Applications with DECam, Next Steps
9:50 Douglas Tucker – The photometric and astrometric properties of DECam as enablers of precision science
10:20 break
10:40 Session 2: DESI and DES
  Ian Dell’Antonio – Session Chair
10:40 Martin Landriau – The DESI Imaging Legacy Surveys
11:10 Thomas McClintock – Weak Lensing Mass Calibration with DECam: The Most Precise Mass—Scaling Relation Measurement To Date
11:40 Dillon Brout – Cosmological Parameter Constraints from the DES Supernova Program Three Year Spectroscopic Sample
12:10 Yuanyuan Zhang – DECam at the Low Surface Brightness Limit: Detection of Diffuse Light in Galaxies and Galaxy Clusters
12:30 lunch
13:30 Session 3: Lots of Stars
  Kathy Vivas – Session Chair
13:30 Edward Schlafly – The DECam Plane Survey
13:50 Nora Shipp – Stellar Streams Discovered in the Dark Energy Survey
14:20 Abi Saha – Mapping the Reddening and Extinction towards the Galactic Bulge from Panchromatic Photometry of RR Lyrae Light Curves
14:40 David Nidever – Uncovering the SMASHed up Magellanic Clouds
15:00 break
15:20 Annalisa Calamida – DECam photometry covering the entirety of the puzzling Omega Cen globular cluster
15:40 Jeffrey Carlin – Probing the halo of the Milky Way beyond 100 kpc with RR Lyrae
16:00 Session 4: Galaxies Near and Very Far
  Clara Martinez-Vazquez – Session Chair
16:00 John Moustakas – Stellar Mass Growth of Massive Central Galaxies
16:20 Zhenya Zheng – The LAGER Project: Probing Reionization at z~7 with the First Narrowband Filter on DECam
16:50 Jinyi Yang – Exploring Reionization-Era Quasars with DESI Legacy imaging Survey and UKIRT Hemisphere Survey


8:00 Breakfast
9:00 Session 5: Transients & Variables
  Alistair Walker – Session Chair
9:00 Tim Abbott – Deeper, Wider, Faster: Using DECam to help chase the fastest bursts in the Universe
9:30 Marcelle Soares-Santos – Multi-messenger Astronomy with DECam
10:00 Lori Allen – Measuring the size distribution of small NEOs with DECam
10:20 Kathy Vivas – The variable star population in the Sextans dwarf spheroidal
10:40 break
11:00 Session 6: Other Tasty Things
  Dara Norman – Session Chair
11:00 William Dawson – DECam Microlensing Studies of Intermediate Mass Black Holes
11:20 Jorge Casares – A DECAM Survey to unveil the hidden Galactic population of quiescent black holess
11:40 Mehdi Rezaie – Mitigation of Photometric Systematics in Galaxy Clustering
12:00 Sangeeta Malhotra – Looking for Bubbles in LAGER
12:30 lunch
13:30 Session 7: Looking to the Future
  David Gerdes – Session Chair
13:30 Thomas Matheson – ANTARES: Time-Domain Discovery in the Era of ZTF and LSST
14:00 Meg Schwamb – Solar System Synergies in the Era of LSST
14:30 Adam Bolton – Summary and Next Steps from the DECam Data Splinter Meeting
14:45 Arjun Dey – Motivation for the DECam Future Discussion
15:00 break
15:20 Session 8: Round Table – DECam – the Future
15:20 Alistair Walker – Round Table and Post-Meeting Notes [84 KB PDF]
16:00 close