Information for Oral and Poster Presentations

Oral Presentations:

We will provide an LCD Projector and a PC and a Mac laptop computers for the presentations.

A week prior to the Symposium, we will have a website available where your ppt or pdf file can be uploaded. If you bring in your ppt or pdf file it will have to be loaded onto the computer in advance of the session. I.e. before the first morning session, during the coffee breaks or lunch breaks.

If your talk is scheduled for Friday morning, we urge you strongly to utilize this webpage to submit your ppt or pdf file. If for some reason, you could not submit your file, please come to the meeting room by 8:10 AM. This will help us keep to the schedule and we thank you for your help.

If you need any additional help or have requirements (e.g., an overhead projector) please contact with a copy to well in advance of the Symposium.

Poster Presentations:

Posters should be maximum 1 meter X 1 meter in size which will cover half of a poster board. Pins/velcro will be provided. Please have your poster up prior to the start of the Symposium (approximately 8:00-8:15 on Friday morning) and take your poster down at the end of the Symposium.