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Flamingos 2 MOS Available

September 12, 2022

The new Flamingos 2 multi-object spectroscopy (MOS) mode is available via FT and DD proposal routes throughout 22B and will be available via the regular 23A call. The MOS mode allows the instrument to observe up to 150 targets per mask over an area of 6’ x 2’, with a maximum of nine masks installed per thermal cycle. More detailed information is provided on the instrument webpage, in the capabilities/spectroscopy section.

Flamingos 2 MOS data reduction support is also available in the new full release of Gemini IRAF v1.15. If you already have a conda environment (e.g., geminiconda) with Gemini IRAF v1.14, activate the environment and install the "iraf.gemini" packages:
> conda activate geminiconda
> conda install iraf.gemini=1.15 --no-update-deps

Because of a limitation on PyRAF as distributed via conda, Python 2.7 is still required. We are testing a version compatible with Python 3 but it is not ready yet. The full installation instructions are here

Further explanation of how to reduce F2 MOS data is described in the Flamingos 2 Cookbook.

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Flamingos-2 commissioning

Credit: International Gemini Observatory/NOIRLab/NSF/AURA/M. Paredes