sci22079 — Announcement

Users Committee of Gemini Invites Feedback

September 12, 2022

The Users Committee of Gemini Observatory (UCG) would like to hear from you! The UCG provides feedback to the observatory on all matters that affect current users. The committee convenes annually in the summer, with the most recent meeting held concurrently with the Gemini Science Meeting in Seoul, South Korea at the end of July 2022. During the 2022 meeting the UCG discussed the status of new instruments and software, including the progress and timeline for developing DRAGONS, the plans for GMOS-S repairs, the services and products provided by the US NGO, and results from user surveys and their effectiveness. Each Gemini partner has at least one representative on the UCG and you can find your representative(s) and their contact information at You can also read UCG reports from previous years and the observatory's response reports at the same website. The UCG wants to increase user engagement and strongly encourages any user with comments or questions to reach out at any time of the year.

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