sci22078 — Announcement

New IFUs for GNIRS!

September 12, 2022

The Low-Resolution (natural seeing) integral field unit (LR-IFU) for GNIRS had its first light on 6 July 2022. The first functionality and requirements testing was completed successfully, and the combined team from Gemini and Durham University, UK started commissioning queue observations in August. 

One of the commissioning targets observed was the double AGN NGC 6240. Figures 1–3 below are: part of a raw data frame showing the individual IFU slices, a zoom into a region of the 2D spectra showing the wealth of kinematic information, and an extracted image of the processed data cube at 2.2 microns, showing the pure continuum emission map. The Gemini IRAF test data reduction recipe was used to process the observations.

The high-resolution IFU for use with adaptive optics is in the integration, alignment and verification stage at Durham University. We expect delivery in the final quarter of 2022, following which we expect to offer both IFUs in the regular call for proposals for March 2023.

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