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DECam at 10 years — Looking Back, Looking Forward

June 10, 2022

To celebrate 10 years of DECam operations, NOIRLab will hold an in-person community workshop in Tucson 12–14 September 2022. The workshop, DECam at 10 years — Looking Back, Looking Forward, will highlight the outstanding DECam science results of the past 10 years, describe the exciting opportunities with DECam as we move into the era of Vera C. Rubin Observatory/LSST and other new facilities, and look further into the future for the NOIRLab 4-meter telescopes in the context of NOIRLab’s investments in technology, instrumentation, and big data initiatives. 

The main meeting topics will be:

  • The Dark Energy Survey and its legacy
  • DECam science — from Atiras to the high-redshift Universe
  • DECam and the development of multi-messenger and time-domain science infrastructure
  • DECam synergies with Rubin/LSST
  • NOIRLab 4-meter telescopes and their future instrumentation

Registration is now open with abstracts due by 10 August 2022. Registration is free. Please register early as space is limited. 

The workshop will take place at the Graduate Tucson, a new hotel conveniently located near the University of Arizona campus. We have found very attractive rates for people staying at this hotel. Book before 21 August. We are planning a visit to Kitt Peak National Observatory for 15 September for those who would like to stay a day longer in Tucson.

We look forward to celebrating with you!

Important Dates:

1 May: Registration opens

10 August: Abstracts should be submitted by this date

16 August: Registration closes

21 August: Graduate Tucson totel reduced rate ends

12–14 September: Meeting

15 September: Kitt Peak Tour (optional)

Scientific Organizing Committee (SOC)

  • Alistair Walker (Chair)
  • Alex Drlica-Wagner
  • Tom Matheson
  • Kyoung-Soo Lee
  • Eric Peng
  • Márcio Catelan
  • Marcelle Soares-Santos

Local Organizing Committee (LOC):

  • Kathy Vivas (Chair)
  • Jessica Harris (admin)
  • Laurie Phillips (admin)
  • Vinicius Placco
  • Shenming Fu



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