sci22043 — Announcement

Flamingos 2 Multi Object Spectroscopy

May 27, 2022

The Flamingos 2 new multi-object spectroscopy (MOS) mode has recently been offered for FT proposals; however, its availability is now extended to Queue and DD programs as well. The MOS mode allows the instrument to observe up to 150 targets per mask over an area of 6’x2’, with a maximum of 8 masks installed per thermal cycle. More detailed information is provided in the instrument webpage, in the capabilities/spectroscopy section.

Since the 22A semester, a new filter, J-low (1.22/0.132 microns of central wavelength and width, respectively), is mounted in the Lyot wheel and is available for observations. In addition, the JH and HK filters have been improved with two new filters having a better transmission curve — nearly 100% in the whole range — rather than the ~60% transmission peak of those that were replaced. The technical specifications of these filters are offered on the instrument webpage, under the components/filters section.

In January Flamingos 2 was removed from the telescope and some improvements were carried out. The instrument now has two extra slots available in the Lyot wheel that can host new filters. In addition, the upgraded insulation, consisting in wrapping the radiation shield with 25 turns of metalized Mylar film plus tulle fabric layers, with a total thickness of 8mm, was successful; with this the temperature of the camera bench dropped about 8 K.

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