sci22024 — Announcement

Seeking nominations for the Users Committee for Gemini (UCG)

March 29, 2022

Gemini is seeking self-nominations from astronomers from Argentina, Brazil, and Canada to serve on its Users' Committee. The Committee reports to the Observatory Director, and provides feedback on all areas of operations which affect users, based on their own user experience, as well as on input collected from their greater communities of Gemini users. Members generally serve for a 3-year term, and attend an annual committee meeting with travel paid by the Observatory. The meeting usually rotates between La Serena and Hilo, although the last two meetings have been held remotely due to the pandemic. This year it will be held in conjunction with the Gemini Science Meeting in Seoul, Korea. Please see the Terms of Reference for the committee for additional details. Self-nominations should include a CV, a short statement of relevant experience, and description of Gemini-related interests. Materials should be emailed to Joanna Thomas-Osip by April 30, 2022 for full consideration.

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