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Gemini North Status Update

January 26, 2022

The Gemini North secondary mirror (M2) system went into a fault state on 4 January 2022. The affected mechanism is responsible for the x-y translation of M2, and plays a key role in controlling coma as the telescope moves around the sky. Images were therefore seriously affected, with a core corresponding to our IQ85 percentile but with a significant coma tail. The Gemini North operations team worked to diagnose and fix the fault, and on 21 January 2002, the x-y positioner system was successfully reinitialized. Standard queue operations have now resumed. In the interim, IQ85 spectroscopy programs were executed, with an elevation limit of 55 degrees. This period also included a GRACES block, during which some programs were successfully completed. Observatory staff will be working on the plan to diagnose and correct the origin of the problem, as well as to prevent and expedite resolution of future issues.

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