sci21120 — Announcement

SATCON2 Working Group Reports Released

November 11, 2021

The SATCON2 workshop addressed a watershed moment in the transformation of space. In 2018 a few thousand operational satellites orbited Earth. By 2030, there may be more than 100,000. A massive cloud of satellites presents significant to existential impacts on ground-based astronomy, and further impacts that extend to the environment, astro-tourism, and human health. While space offers many new frontiers and benefits to humanity, the sudden advance of spacefaring technology to the private sector comes with many side effects that should be carefully considered. 

SATCON2 brought together members of many communities: astronomy, satellite operators, environmental and dark-sky advocates, and representatives from diverse and underrepresented communities. The details of their comprehensive work are presented in 4 reports from the working groups — Observations, Algorithms, Community Engagement, and Policy — which have been compiled and have recently been released. Read more.

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