sci21054 — Announcement

Fast Turnaround Proposals

June 24, 2021

Gemini North and South are accepting proposals for the Fast Turnaround (FT) program. The upcoming deadline is at 23:59 Hawai‘i Standard Time on 30 June 2021. Successful proposals from this cycle will be active in the Queue from August through October 2021. We are again accepting proposals at Gemini-N for NIRI and NIFS with Altair NGS and LGS. Please check the 21B telescope schedules when available for Gemini North and South and the detailed instrument availability for the Aug-Oct period.  The FT program has been used to conduct pilot studies, complete observations for existing data sets, follow-up on newly discovered objects, and much more. Proposers will have 2 weeks to peer review up to 8 other proposals and results will be announced around the 21st of the month. Data for successful programs can be obtained as early as a week or two after that. We have been using a dual anonymous proposal review process (DARP) since February. Proposals must use the FT DARP proposal templates and be anonymized as described in the Call for Proposals here.

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