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Data Release for Gemini LLP GNIRS-DQS at Astro Data Lab

December 1, 2022

NOIRLab’s Community Science and Data Center (CSDC) and Gemini Observatory are collaborating to host reduced and high-level data products generated by the Gemini Observatory Large and Long Program (LLP). We are pleased to announce the release of data products from the Gemini Near-Infrared Spectrograph — Distant Quasar Survey (GNIRS-DQS) (PI: O. Shemmer).

Spectroscopic measurements from GNIRS-DQS for 260 sources are now available at Astro Data Lab. Being the largest uniform, homogeneous survey of its kind, it represents a flux-limited sample (≲19.0 mag, ≲16.5 mag) of Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) quasars at 1.5<z<3.5 with monochromatic luminosity (λLλ) at 5100 Å in the range 1044–1046 erg s-1. Astro Data Lab provides several ways to access the GNIRS-DQS data:

  1. Data Lab TAP service: TAP-aware clients (such as TOPCAT) can point to, select the gnirs_dqs database, and see the database tables and descriptions.
  2. Data Lab Query Client: access through queries of the catalog made directly to the database. The query client is part of the NOIRLab Astro Data Lab command line package.
  3. Web-based query, available on the Data Lab Query Interface page.

Jupyter Notebook Server: an example Jupyter Notebook for accessing GNIRS-DQS data from Data Lab can be found on our GitHub page. You can also access this notebook and our other science example notebooks through the Data Lab Jupyter Notebook server.

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