kp1014 — Filter

O3 OIII N2 k1014 *

February 19, 2021


Below is a plot of the transmission of this filter when used at telescopes with differing focal ratios and central obscurations; the KPNO 4m (f/3.1), the CTIO 4m (f/2.9), and the WIYN 0.9m (f/7.9). At the KPNO 4m f/3.1 the properties of this filter are: CWL=5006A, FWHM=56A, PEAK TRANSMISSION=76%.

About the Filter

Id: kp1014
Release date: February 19, 2021, 12:27 pm
Telescope: Nicholas U. Mayall 4-meter Telescope
Instrument: Mosaic

Filter Details

CWL (Å):
TMAX (%):

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