Schedule and Overview

1–5 March 2021

In January 2021, Journey Through the Universe will partner with the Hilo-Waiākea Complex Area on the Island of Hawaii  to provide a Next Generation Science Standards Teacher Workshop for our astronomy educators. Now in its 17th year, Journey educators will be working with teachers in their “virtual classrooms” as well as providing career panels. Journey Through the Universe 2021 is an educational and engagement program for the Hawaii local community. Journey 2021 will include:

  • Virtual Classroom visits for students in Hilo-Waiākea, Honokaʻa, Paʻauilo, and Waimea in grades 1–12

  • Virtual Career Panels for elementary schools as well as Waiākea and Hilo High School students.

  • Observatory professionals will showcase their diverse careers at the observatories.

  • A Next Generation Science Standards Virtual Astronomy Educatorʻs Workshop 

  • A NOIRLab Live program featuring the Hawaii Island Superintendent, principal and teacher as well as our local engineer and Journey team members.

  • The Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii along with the Japanese Chamber of Commerce will host a Journey evening for the Department of Education staff, our astronomy community, members of the Chambers and Government officials. The evening will be followed by stargazing.

  • A public event led by Dr. Christensen will premier the next decade of Ground Based Astronomy followed by stargazing from Chile, Tucson and Hawaii.

January 2021

Astronomy educators workshop 

The Hilo-Waiākea DOE Complex Area will be providing an informational session in January 2021 to inspire you in your content creation and help define “phenomena” in the context of the Next Generation Science Standards.

  • The Department of Education will provide scientists with NGSS information to help guide the phenomena to make a clear connection for teachers

  • Scientists will provide background information, academic vocabulary/terminology and key concepts regarding the phenomena 

  • Career panels will be held for both elementary, secondary and high school classes

January 2021

21 January, Thursday

 8:30-10:30am   Journey Next Generation Science Standards Teacher Workshop, date and agenda to be determined. (You can find the Flyer here)

3 February, NOIRLab Live    

An informative hour of Journey highlights featuring the Superintendent, principal and teacher, as well as an engineer and the Journey team.   (More details will be provided later along with flyer)

1 March, Monday

Hawai‘i Island Chamber of Commerce/Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Hawai‘i Journey Celebration. A virtual hour shared with our local businesses, the Department of Education, and the astronomy community in celebration of 17 years of Journey. The special keynote speaker will be Devin Chu. The evening will end with stargazing and surprises!

3 March, Wednesday

Lars Lindberg Christensen will delight the audience with information on the next decade of ground-based astronomy from atop Maunakea and around the world! His talk will be followed by stargazing from our NOIRLab sites, Hawai‘i, Tucson and Chile.

1–5 March, Monday–Friday

Astronomy Educators in grades 1–12 classrooms virtually

Now in its 17th year, in 2021 over 70 observatory professionals and informal educators are extending their reach to districts across Hawaiʻi Island. Journey Through the Universe includes:

  • Classroom visits for students in Hilo-Waiākea, Honokaʻa, Paʻauilo, and Waimea in grades 1–12

  • Career Panels for elementary, secondary as well as Waiākea and Hilo High School students. Observatory professionals showcasing diverse career opportunities