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8 May 2023

This Star Ate Its Own Planet


24 April 2023

See the Sharp New Image of a Supermassive Black Hole

Smithsonian Magazine

13 April 2023

That Famous Black Hole Just Got Bigger and Darker

The New York Times

29 March 2023

APOD: 2023 March 28: Green Flash at CTIO

Astronomy Picture of the Day

3 March 2023

APOD: RCW 86: Historical Supernova Remnant

Astronomy Picture of the Day

3 March 2023

New image captures a supernova first observed in the year 185


A new telescope image has shed light on the ghostly remains of the first recorded supernova.

6 February 2023

The Tucson triangle: America’s astronomical nexus

Astronomy Magazine

9 November 2022

Astronomers Find a Black Hole in Our Cosmic Back Yard

The New York Times

1 November 2022

APOD: DECam Lobster Nebula

Astronomy Picture of the Day

10 March 2022

Snapshot: A spinning, dancing galaxy shows off

Astronomy Magazine

2 February 2022

Astronomers Find a New Asteroid Sharing Earth’s Orbit

The New York Times

31 January 2022

Wiggling stellar jets seen in high resolution

Cosmos Magazine

21 January 2022

APOD: 2022 January 21: Young Star Jet MHO 2147

Astronomy Picture of the Day

11 October 2021

The Fault In Our Stars


29 September 2021

One of the largest comets ever seen is headed our way

National Geographic

13 September 2021

Snapshot: Centaurus A shows off its dusty tendrils

Astronomy Magazine

23 August 2021

Chile expands its window to space

La Tercera

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