Media Visits

Guidelines for Media Visits to NOIRLab Facilities

NSF’s NOIRLab welcomes media interested in visiting our sites in the US and Chile. Our Communications, Education & Engagement (CEE) team may decline visit requests, for practical reasons and due to the significant investment of resources required from NOIRLab.

How to apply for a media visit

  • Complete the form below.

  • Once you have submitted the form, you should receive an automated email that we have received your request and that it will be under review; if you do not receive this notification please check your spam folder and if still not found send an email to our Visits Coordinator.

  • Your request will be evaluated by the CEE team with the following considerations:

    • The amount of exposure that NOIRLab, its telescopes and the science of astronomy will receive.

    • The nature and purpose of the project (please include as much information as possible like synopsis or scripts).

    • Whether the NOIRLab logo can be present in the production.

    • The expected number of viewers/readers of the product.

    • Whether NOIRLab can use and distribute the footage/photos collected by the requester at NOIRLab sites under our standard Creative Commons Attribution International 4.0 license.

    • The complexity of the logistics involved and any impact on regular operations at the observing sites.

    • The amount of time available for planning the visit (at least 4 weeks are needed for the permissions and planning).

    • All proper documentation and required permits (if any) are submitted in a timely fashion.

  • You will be notified of our initial evaluation regarding your visit within 2 weeks of applying; If your visit is tentatively approved, NOIRLab will send a proposed site visit itinerary.

  • Once both parties agree to the itinerary, NOIRLab will start the internal approval process. It is recommended that you do not confirm any travel reservations until we receive the final approvals from the observatories.

  • You will be notified of the final approval or rejection of your visit within a reasonable time period. If you have a deadline please state it clearly in the form.

  • A location agreement will be required of all media visits.

  • Site visit costs that are incurred as a result of your visit (meal and lodging requests etc) must be reimbursed to the programs visited, an invoice can be requested.

  • Please note, that every effort will be made to follow through with your planned visit, however certain circumstances may prevent us from being able to conduct the visit as planned. It is advisable to come up with a plan B or a secondary site (such as base facilities) in case a summit visit is precluded. (This can occur when the mountain sites become inaccessible due to weather, earthquake or if there is an unplanned engineering event etc). If we need to cancel the visit we will let you know as soon as we become aware of the potential issue.

  • The sites you are visiting are active worksites and each have requirements about proper attire and the appropriate safety protocols to be observed. Depending on which site you intend to visit, additional requirements (in regards to high altitude for example) may apply.

  • For site-specific information, requirements, and safety notices please see the appropriate section below.