SARA Kitt Peak Telescope


The Southeastern Association for Research in Astronomy (SARA) Consortium operates two telescopes: the 0.9-meter SARA Kitt Peak Telescope at Kitt Peak in Arizona, and the 0.6-meter SARA Cerro Tololo Telescope at Cerro Tololo in Chile. The SARA consortium members include Florida Institute of Technology, East Tennessee State University, Valdosta State University, Florida International University, Clemson University, Ball State University, Agnes Scott College, University of Alabama, Valparaiso University, Butler University, Texas A&M University-Commerce, the University of Delaware/Mt. Cuba Astronomical Observatory, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and Florida Gulf Coast University. The SARA Consortium also operates the 1-meter Jacobus Kapteyn Telescope (JKT) at the Roque de Los Muchachos on La Palma. Observers from the Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias (IAC) share access to the 0.9-meter SARA Kitt Peak Telescope, and observers from the Lowell Observatory and the Chilean community have access to the 0.6-meter SARA Cerro Tololo Telescope).

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SARA-North Telescope

Name(s) SARA Kitt Peak Telescope
Status Operational
Broad Science Goals  
Site Kitt Peak National Observatory, Arizona, USA
Location Coordinates 111°35'58 W
31°59'26 N
Altitude 2073 meters (6801 feet)
Enclosure Solid tube with covers at the top
Optical Design  
Field of View  
Diameter: Primary M1 0.96 meters
Material: Primary M1  
Diameter: Secondary M2  
Material: Secondary M2  
Mount German-style equatorial mount
First Light Date 1965
Adaptive Optics  
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