T80-South Telescope

Photograph of T80-South Telescope

The T80-South Telescope was built to support the Southern Massive Astrophysical Panchromatic Survey (SMAPS).

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T80-South Telescope

Name(s) T80-South Telescope
Status Operational
Broad Science Goals  
Site Cerro Tololo, Chile
Location Coordinates 30°10′04.31″S
Altitude 2178 meters (7145 feet)
Enclosure large enclosure with a dome
Type Ritchey-Chrétien
Optical Design F#4.5
Field of View Diameter of 1.7 degrees (110 mm) with full optical performance
Diameter of 2.0 degrees (130 mm) diameter with a slight vignetting
Diameter: Primary M1 0.82 meter
Material: Primary M1 fused silica
Diameter: Secondary M2 0.3 meter
Material: Secondary M2  
Mount Equatorial
First Light Date December 2014
Adaptive Optics  
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