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Student Answer Sheet - How Old Are the Jewels?

1. Do all the stars appear to be the same color? Describe what you see.

2. Can you tell where the edge of the cluster lies?

3. Do the Jewelbox stars on your graph appear to be randomly scattered or do they fall in any kind of pattern?

4. Do the field stars appear to fall randomly on your diagram or do they appear to fall in any kind of pattern?

5. Compare your answers to Q3 and Q4. Why do you think the similarities or differences between the two star patterns exist?

6. Using the sample graphs on the graph sheet, estimate the age of the Jewelbox Cluster.

Extension Questions:

7. If you have studied the H-R diagram, explain what the three cluster-age graphs above say about the relative lifetimes of O/B stars compared to K/M stars?

8. Where would our star, the Sun, be plotted on your diagram?