Secret Message

  • Description: Using colored pencils, students will be able to learn how astronomers are able to discover the secrets of the Universe just by analyzing the light and color of distant objects.

Solar System in a pocket

  • Description: Just with a strip of paper, students will be able to understand the distances between the planets of the Solar System and also understand how "empty" the Universe is.

Comparing world

  • Description: In this workshop, students will acquire knowledge about the components of the Solar System and they'll learn about the new discoveries from the NOIRLab telescopes in a workshop/talk that will use plasticine.


  • DescriptionEducational robotics is not exclusively about teaching robotics to students, but rather about using this resource as a motivation to lead students to make their own robot, and also develop skills such as autonomy, proactivity, responsibility, creativity, teamwork, self-esteem and interest in research

La Vida de las estrella

  • Description: This workshop aims to students to develop skills related to observation, questioning and also acquire basic knowledge about stellar evolution. The main objective is to ensure that students recognize, through observation, exploration and inquiry, the importance of stars and their various stages of life, taking as a reference our own home star, the Sun.

Space Satellites

  • Description: This workshop will teach characteristics, components and materials of space satellites, as well as the importance they have for our daily lives.

Galaxies in the Universe: A journey through their shapes and secrets

  • Description: We will explore different types of galaxies in the universe, and while we learn about their characteristics and secrets behind their shapes, we will learn to classify them. Students will be able to participate in the on-hands activity "Galaxy Sorting Hat", where they will classify galactic images according to their morphology.