Travel Information Cerro Tololo - Chile

Cerro Tololo

Cerro Tololo is located  approximately 80 kilometers (50 mi) east of La Serena, at an altitude of 2,207 m (7,241 ft), towards the Elqui Valley.

The geographical coordinates for Cerro Tololo are: 30°10'11"S 70°48'23"W

Cerro Tololo is about a 1h 30 min drive east of the city of La Serena, where the NOIRLab Chile offices are located. The observatory can be accessed by driving on route 41 for 50 km, then making a right turn to a dirt road that extends for another 30 km to Cerro Tololo, and also leads to the Cerro  Pachón. However, public access is restricted by a guarded gate just a few hundred meters from the main 41 route.

Cerro Tololo - Chile map