Vera C. Rubin Observatory

The Vera C. Rubin Observatory has a wide-field reflecting telescope that will digitally scan the entire available sky every few nights from its mountain top location in Chile. Rubin was the top-ranked large ground-based initiative in the 2010 National Academy of Sciences decadal survey in astronomy and astrophysics and received its US federal construction start in July 2012. Stay tuned for videos and animations from Rubin as the project moves forward. Visualization of Rubin components shown in "Seeing the Beginning of Time." 


Visualization by The Advanced Visualization Lab National Center for Supercomputing Applications University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Donna Cox Robert Patterson Stuart Levy Kalina Borkiewicz AJ Christensen Jeff Carpenter In association with Thomas Lucas Productions Funded in part by: National Science Foundation Numerical Simulation supported by NSF Award: AST-1536171 Visualization supported by NSF Award: ACI-1445176 The Centrality of Advance Digitally Enabled Science: CADENS

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Release date:Jan. 9, 2018
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