Fostering STEAM

An overview of the Fostering STEAM program.

The Fostering STEAM project is a five-year collaborative effort between the University of Alaska Fairbanks, the University of Washington Bothell, and the National Optical Astronomy Observatory. We prepare educators to work with learners in a way that fosters identification with science and art, enhances science and art learning, and promotes equity in science disciplines.

Fostering STEAM provides in-person and online professional development to informal educators: those who work in libraries, science centers, after-school programs, and other out-of-school settings. We believe that STEAM is more than just adding art to science, or science to art. Our work is based in a set of STEAM practices that have roots in deep integration of science and art. These practices also aim to foster a STEAM mindset, and a sense of belonging and inclusion among diverse learners.



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