Educational Program: Teen Astronomy Café

Following years of successful, monthly, in-person Teen Astronomy Cafés and most recently also online Teen Astronomy Cafés, this free out-of-school program offers high school students opportunities to interact with real science data, facilitated by scientists who work at the forefront of astronomy. Students explore the lives and deaths of stars, killer asteroids, the structure of the Universe, gravitational lenses, dark energy, dark matter, colliding galaxies and more. After a short presentation by a staff scientist, students participate in a computer lab activity using computer programs and real NOIRLab data. See the Events Calendar for upcoming programs. For a copy of all computer activities and a how-to guide to starting your own Teen Astronomy Café program, contact Connie Walker at



About the Educational Program

Release date:Aug. 4, 2020, 8:42 a.m.


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