Alicia Hui

Alicia Hui teaches fifth grade at Haili Christian School. She has been with Haili for the past eight years.

Born and raised on the Big Island, Ms. Hui earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Christian Education and Bible Studies in 1988 from Holmes College in Greenville, N.C.

Following graduation, Ms. Hui began her teaching career at Haumana Christian School and the Henry Opukahaia School. In addition to her teaching duties, she helped coordinate an advanced reading program for the two schools.

She joined Haili in 1994. While teaching at Haili, Ms. Hui has become interested in the challenge of presenting a science curriculum to elementary students. She has taken several extracurricular workshops and seminars on teaching science and astronomy in the classroom, some of which have been sponsored by Gemini.

She says she feels teaching science to younger students is important for Hawai`i's children because it can help educate them to the possibilities of careers in science and astronomy here on the Big Island. "For one thing, I think it's important to make them aware of the opportunities for employment in our astronomy program here," she says.

Ms. Hui, who is part Hawaiian, says one of the important aspects of the StarTeachers program for her is the opportunity to share her heritage with others.

"I hope I can share some things that will really enhance our students' curriculum and to broaden my own horizon in science and astronomy. I'm looking forward to learning aspect of the program as much as the teaching."


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