Devin S. Chu: The Milky Way Galactic Center - A Laboratory for Extreme Astrophysics Revealed with Adaptive Optics

Thursday, 02 November 2023 2 p.m. — 3 p.m. MST

Gemini North Hilo Base Facility | 670 N A’ohoku Place Hilo, Hawaii, 96720, USA

Gemini North Talks
Devin S. Chu (UCLA)
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The Milky Way Galactic Center is the closest nuclear star cluster to us. Despite its proximity, stars at the very center of the nuclear star cluster are difficult to observe due to extreme stellar crowding. Adaptive optics has enabled precision astrometry and spectroscopy of Galactic Center stars, leading to measured stellar orbits that confirmed the existence of a supermassive black hole. During my talk, I will describe how the UCLA Galactic Center Group has continued to monitor stars at the very heart of our galaxy and how we investigate questions about extreme physics and stellar populations near a supermassive black hole. I will also describe how developments in adaptive optics will improve our ability to learn more about the Galactic Center.

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