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Rubin Digest 04 March 2016

4 March 2016

Projects News

Minutes from the February 15th LSST Science Advisory committee phone meeting have been posted.  Key topics of discussion were the plans for LSST science operations, and the current status of the Operations Simulator and metrics to determine the scientific impact of various cadence algorithms.

The Data Management (DM) Leadership Team is fully engaged and working groups have been established to refine the high level designs in specific areas of DM.   Additional information available on the LSST Community Forum.

The construction crew on Cerro Pachón is making room for incoming hardware, including 16 sections of steel track which will sit on top of the lower enclosure pier to support the wheels that rotate the dome structure. 

The Camera Corner Raft was successfully evaluated at a Final Design Review earlier this week.

Corporation News

Congratulations to Marcel Agüeros on receipt of the Presidential Early Career Award.  Marcel is an Assistant Professor of Astronomy at Columbia University and member of the LSST Transients and Variable Stars Science Collaboration Team.   This is a great honor, and we are happy that someone connected to LSST has received such a prestigious distinction!

Personnel Notes

Jorge Flores has joined the LSST team, recently hired as a contracted Electrical Inspector Tecnico de Obra (ITO) supporting general electrical inspection tasks for the main building fabrication effort.  Jorge has the SEC's Class A license, which means that he has no limitations with SEC for power installations. He most recently worked for GMT in support of their early construction site activities in Chile and will spend much of his time on Cerro Pachón, working with Jamie Seriche, our Construction ITO.

Upcoming 2016 Meetings with LSST Involvement

(those with asterisk* are LSSTC funded):

March 7-11: LSST Dark Energy Science Collaboration (DESC) meeting*, SLAC

March 8-10: 2nd Annual US-Chile Education Summit, Chile

March 21: LSSTC Part 1 and Part 2 Proposals due*

March 24-25: LSST Transients Working Group Workshop*, Argonne National Laboratory

April 5-7: LSST Photo-Z Workshop*, University of Pittsburgh

April 11-13: LSSTC Board Meeting* in Washington, DC

April 25 – 29: Future Sky Surveys and Big Data Workshop, Daejoen, Korea

May 22 – 25: Cross-correlation Spectacular with LSST:  Exploring Synergies Between LSST and External Datasets to Discover Fundamental Physics*, BNL

May 24-26: XLDB 2016 Conference, SLAC

June  6-10: Statistical Challenges in Modern Astronomy VI*, Carnegie Mellon University

June 12-16: Meeting of the Stars, Milky Way and Local Volume Science Collaboration* at AAS 228, San Diego, CA

June 20-24: LSST@Europe2*, Belgrade, Serbia

June 28-July: SPIE Astronomical Telescopes & Instrumentation, Edinburgh, Scotland

July 18-22: LSST DESC meeting*, at Oxford, UK

August 15-19: LSST 2016 Project & Science Workshop, Tucson, AZ

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