noaoann13005 — Announcement

September 2013 NOAO Newsletter

29 August 2013

The September 2013 NOAO Newsletter is online and ready to download. This issue includes information pertaining to the 2014A Call for Proposals, which are due September 26, 2013.

On the Cover

The cover image highlights an NOAO large survey program of galaxy clusters, using GMOS on Gemini-South. These clusters were initially identified by the South Pole Telescope (SPT): this spectroscopic survey will measure the growth of the largest structures in the Universe over time. The SPT surveys the cosmic microwave background for potential galaxy clusters, after which the GMOS survey determines velocity dispersion and mass of the clusters. This image shows six typical clusters: SPT significance maps on the left and color images from Magellan-II on the right (Bayliss et al, p.3)

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September 2013NOAO Newsletter
September 2013NOAO Newsletter