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International Gemini Observatory Launches New Logo

New, redesigned Gemini logo inspired by the observatory’s international structure, improved capabilities, and new instrumentation

6 January 2023

The International Gemini Observatory has unveiled a new logo that celebrates the combined legacy of the twin Gemini telescopes and their new capabilities and instrumentation. 

The redesigned logo retains the classic gold-color concept from its predecessor, while introducing a number of new elements that better reflect the true international nature of the observatory and its full-sky capabilities. Most noticeable is the new logo’s split design, which represents the two telescopes that make up the International Gemini Observatory. The two sides of the logo are rendered in slightly different shades of gold to exemplify their location in different time zones and hemispheres. The left half of the logo, which represents Gemini South, also references the cross-shaped asterism commonly known as the Southern Cross; the right half is adorned with Polaris, the North Star, representing Gemini North’s location on Hawai‘i. The new logo also shows the telescope with open vents (vents help to regulate the temperature inside the dome), which is a callback to a design feature on Gemini’s original logo.

The redesign of the logo comes at time when Gemini is launching significant augmentations to its capabilities over the next several years, including powerful new instruments (GHOST, IGRINS-2SCORPIO), upgrades to existing instrumentation (GPI-2.0), rollout of new instrument modes (GNIRS IFU, Flamingos-2 MOS), and new software for user support. The redesign is symbolic of this revitalization, in the context of the new opportunities offered by being part of NSF’s NOIRLab.

The observatory’s logo was last updated in 2009. In preparation for the new version, several design ideas were developed by NOIRLab graphic artist Pete Marenfeld and his colleagues in the NOIRLab Communications, Education and Engagement Graphics Team. The Gemini Directorate solicited feedback from staff and stakeholders and then forwarded the preferred candidate to the Gemini Board for endorsement. 

Concurrently, the observatory has fully adopted its formal name, the International Gemini Observatory, as an acknowledgment of the importance of the international partnership that supports and operates the observatory. 


Pete Marenfeld
NSF's NOIRLab Sr. Multimedia & Graphics Designer

Joy Pollard
NSF's NOIRLab Multimedia/Graphic Designer 

Mark Newhouse
NSF's NOIRLab Manager, Web & Graphics Services

Janice Lee
Chief Scientist of the international Gemini Observatory 

Charles Blue
NSF’s NOIRLab Public Information Officer
T: +1 202 236 6324

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New Gemini Logo
New Gemini Logo